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April 2020 Real Estate Market Reports

  • April 2020 average sales price for new & existing homes combined ($258,213) is 4.1 percent higher than April 2019.

  • There were 3,130 home sales (new & existing combined) for April 2020, which is 6.8 percent lower than last April (3,357).

  • Home inventory (new & existing combined) for April 2020 (5,834) is 30.2 percent lower compared to April 2019 (8,361).

  • The supply of new and existing homes for April 2020 is currently 1.7 months.

While the stock market recovered significantly in March, the effects of COVID19 to the economy continue to build. In just the last four weeks, more than 20 million people filed initial unemployment claims according to the United States Department of Labor, fueled by stay at home orders and a slowdown of economic activity across the country. Added to the unemployment claims from March, more than 30 million people have become unemployed since COVID-19 has become widespread in the U.S. In the face of these challenging times, real estate activity in April slowed significantly.

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